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We are official representatives of ABRASIVOS MOLINA at national and international market. Where you are, KINAK TOOLS has the ability to provide you with the best polishing abrasives on the market.

About Molina

Abrasivos Molina was founded in 1999 in Novelda – Spain, after having been working more than 10 years in this sector for other companies. Initially started as a distributor of one of the largest manufacturers of Italian abrasives, but a few years later Mr. Francisco Molina acquired the Italian company, and transferred all the technology to Spain, where today all our products are manufactured.


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Usage: The SINTEX abrasive line is used in marble pre-polishing and two different lines are available to suit the different requirements of each type of marble.
SINTEX abrasives are based on phenolic resin, contrary to the other abrasives in the market based on Magnesita. Abrasives from the SINTEX line can be stored for long periods without changing quality.
These innovative abrasives allow an evolution of performance, substantially reducing associated costs.


Usage: SYNTHETIC abrasive used to color and leave the surface semi-polished. With a great finish, you can leave the surface ready to polish. This line of abrasives allows you to achieve extraordinary results, achieving the desired result faster.

5 Extra

Usage: The EXTRA 5 line has the particularity of being the best in the market, allowing results above the average. These results are only possible thanks to the great effort and research carried out over more than 19 years, allowing a wide variety of 5 EXTRA abrasives to be made available taking into account the characteristics of the stone and the different machines.


Usage: This line of segments abrasives used at the end of polishing, has as main purpose the cleaning of the surface as well as highlighting the brightness of the materials.
This is another example of the success of the research that we have carried out during all these years.

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